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Let us help you choose the best Kitchen Countertops for your kitchen

Kitchen countertops should not only accommodate your cooking needs but also add beauty and elegance to the most trafficked room in the house. This is why the type of countertop you choose for your kitchen is a crucial decision both for overall design and functionality. You not only need to find a material and color that fits into your kitchen’s overall look, but you also need to consider your family’s needs.

Looking for the perfect kitchen countertop? Look no further, Niva Floors offers hundreds of options to choose from. Our trained kitchen countertop specialists will make every effort to choose the best kitchen countertops based on your taste and cooking needs.
Whether you like the appearance of ceramic or want a fully customized concrete countertop for your modern kitchen, Niva Floors offers full service from design and product selection to the final installation, making the entire process easy for you.
Some materials, for example are easier to clean than others and a few need costly and regular maintenance. Call us now and we will send one of our kitchen countertop specialist to discuss your needs with you.

Natural Stone Countertops

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Nothing says elegance and sophistication like a granite kitchen countertop. Granite countertops come in a striking array of colors and patterns. Each quarry in each country offers a distinct stone and each slab is entirely unique. It is worth your while to spend time searching through samples before you make your decision. Whether it is a classic Italian Blue Pearl, the Brazillian Café Bahia, or Argentina’s Gris Córdoba, Niva Floor’s vast supply network can provide the perfect granite slab for your kitchen countertop or table top at an affordable price.

Remember that granite is a natural substance each slab mined from a specific region and quarry and they are all vary in color and veining. To see more samples of the literally hundreds of colors and patterns available, please visit our showroom to meet with one of our specially trained Remodeling Consultants.

Soapstone and Slate Countertops

While softer than granite, both soapstone and slate are actually much less porous. Both stones can crack and scratch around the edges, but can easily be sanded out. (Some people think the nicks and marks add personality to their custom countertops, though.) Periodically adding mineral oil to the counter’s surface will ensure a warm glow for years to come.

Limestone Kitchen Countertops

Limestone is another natural stone countertop that can add character and warmth to your home. Since limestone stains easily, though, it may be the most practical choice for busy families. As with soapstone and slate, some homeowners choose to leave the stains and nicks as a sign of character on limestone’s matte finish.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

For a warm, classic look many luxury homeowners are choosing marble tops to wooden counters. But since, like limestone, marble is more fragile than granite it can easily end up scratched and stained through normal, everyday use. If you do install marble countertops be prepared to take constant extra care of them—by always protecting the surface from hot pans, wiping up spills immediately, and watching out for scratches.

You’ll also want to make sure to apply a sealer and to periodically reseal the surface. Still, marble can make a sophisticated statement for the dedicated homeowner. Alternatively, some bakers and pastry chefs install a small section of marble on their granite, soapstone or slate counters or on top of a kitchen island to use for rolling out dough.

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